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Website is under construction (again!) Get in touch with me here- @keatontfe or Keaton (dot) tfe (at) gmail (dot) com I work full time as a grip and lighting technician in the film and television world. My work includes music videos for Juno Award winners, independent features, commercials for brands like The National Post, The Royal Conservatory of Music and projects centring LGBTQIA2S+, and BIPOC narratives. I’ve been working with my hands and learning how to make things since I was eight years old. Whether it was spending days at a time constructing complex lego kits, drawing, building skateboard ramps, teaching myself the basics of electrical circuity and timer chips to make LED arrays, or learning how to use two VHS players to edit James Bond spoofs I made with my friends- all I want to do is learn how the world around me works by deconstructing it and figuring out what makes it tick.