Once I entered film school, my work began to focus more so on narrative themes, corporate video work and music videos. During my 2nd semester of film school, I was asked to fly out to the Folk Alliance International Conference in Memphis Tennessee to produce and direct 30 live session music videos over four days. Some of those are available here. That was a real trial-by-fire situation.
This film was made in 2011. The film school I was a part of sent me to NAB, and as part of the deal of funding that trip I had to make a documentary. I went in without any idea, and found this story.

Below are the Sweet Beaver Suite Session from 2011. As I'm putting these up I'm having memories pop up from this time. Including renting what were theĀ originalĀ LED light panels on the market (litepanels 1x1) and being so totally blown away by them.

My demo reel from 2011...

This video for Samantha Martin and The Haggard was done for a $250.00 budget. It was commissioned by Country Music Television. I got the call about making it six days or so before it went to air.